One of the managing partners is Catalin Dardea, or Cata, as his friends call him. He is on the visual side of everything that means #InfluentSociety, the videographer and creative mind. With over 10 years experience in film, the videographer has worked with high ranking customers such as: Kaufland, Mercedes, Red Bull, PRO TV, UEFA Cup, ATP Tour etc. After all these experiences, Cata started his own visual business, called Mankind. In recent years, great events like Untold or Neversea have also been seen through the eyes of this visual creator. Our mastermind declares that the secret lies in the effects, colors, lights and synchronization. The list of clients he has collaborated with covers almost all industries: nightlife, gambling, beauty, shopping, beachlife, indoor, outdoor, health, corporate. So … he`s our Cata & we`re proud of him!